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As of 12/10/18 the update has been completed and this should no longer be an issue.  We appreciate your patience.

Members are reporting an insecure website message when accessing home banking using Google chrome on Windows 10.  Since this is google initiative, we will have to make changes on our side to resolve the issue going forward.  Our processor is working on an update with a projected completion date estimated at close to year end.

In the mean time, we advise any members who are using Chrome on Windows 10 to use Internet explorer, Edge, Safari, or Firefox until we have an update for Google Chrome. You won’t get this message on any of these other browsers.

Here is an article that explains what is going on.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Mobile Deposit Endorsements

Important Announcement:

All mobile deposit MUST have 1 of the 3 acceptable endorsements to be processed for deposit.

  1. For Mobile Deposit Only For Wabellco FCU
  2. For Mobile Deposit Only Wabellco FCU
  3. For Mobile Deposit Only Wabellco Federal Credit Union

In order to prevent your deposit from being rejected, the endorsement must be the EXACT wording of1 of the 3 choices above.


Attention members making “Check by Phone” payments

We want to make all members aware of a possible fee you may incur due to making “Check by Phone” payments.  Some of the check by phone payments have been processed by the institution’s billing departments as unknown accounts with no identifying information provided for the credit union.  When this happens, we are forced to pull an image of the check to know who has made the payment, which incurs a fee that will be processed on the member’s account.  Each image pulled will be a $2.50 fee to you the member.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Thank you.

Skip A Payment

Offering Loan* Skip A Payment!

Planning a Spring vacation, some home improvements, or just need some extra funds?  Call the office today for more information or to see if you qualify.

*Not available on home equity loans.