Share (Savings) Rates

TypeAnnual Percentage YieldNotes
Regular Shares.15%$100.00 minimum balance for dividend.
Christmas Club.08%
Rates Effective 11/14/2018

CD Rates

TermAnnual Percentage YieldNotes
6 Month SPECIAL1.00%$5000.00 minimum
NEW money ONLY!
Limited Time!
12 Month.40%$2500.00 minimum
18 Month.50%$5000.00 minimum
Rates Effective 7/11/2018

Loan Rates

TypeTermAnnual Percentage RateNotes
Share Secured1 - 7 Years1.99% 
New Vehicle SPECIAL1 - 6 Years2.25%2017 - Newer
NEW LOANS ONLY  $50,000 maximum
   First title or purchased no more than 1 year prior to application date.
3,000+ miles= Trade-In value
New Vehicles1 - 5 Years2.75%2017, 2018 Models
 3,000+ miles= Trade-In value6 Years3.25%Value of Vehicle must be $30,000 - $50,000
Used Vehicles
Trade-In value
1 - 2 Years
2015-2016 Models
$35,000 maximum
Used Vehicles1 - 4 Years4.00%2014 to 1999 Models, $25,000 maximum
Must be secured with PA title.
Home Equity Line of Credit1 - 15 Years4.49% Variable1st Lien Position
Home Equity Fixed Rate1 - 15 Years3.49%1st Lien Position
   Due at time of application:
   Estimated Closing costs all counties $550, except Allegheny $750.
Loan Special
Limited Time
1 Year ($2,000 max)3.99%
 2 Years ($3,000 max)4.99%
 3 Years ($4,000 max)5.99%
 4 Years ($5,000 max)6.99%

Fast approval!
1 Year ($1,500 max)2.99%Limited time only!
Bill Consolidation & Personal Loans1 - 5 Years ($10,000 max)9.99%Rate based on repayment by direct deposit or payroll deduction.
1 - 5 Years ($10,000 max)10.50%Rate based on repayment other than direct deposit or payroll deduction.
Above $3,000 must be secured with appropriate collateral.Max of $10,000 per applicant/co-applicant.
Recreational Vehicles (Boats, Campers, ATV's, Cycles etc.) Must be secured with title.1 - 5 Years9.99%Requires direct deposit or payroll deduction
Recreational Vehicles (Boats, Campers, ATV's, Cycles etc.) Must be secured with title.1 - 5 Years10.50%Other methods of repayment
Cycle Special

New loans ONLY!
1 - 5 Years ($35,000 max)3.74%2013-2018 Models
Bottom line=80% of value
Limited TIME only!
Motorcycles only6 Years ($20,000 to $35,000)3.99%2013-2018 Models
Bottom line=80% of value
Limited TIME only!
Applicants who have filed bankruptcy and/or have had any repossessions within the past 5 years will be subject to a 2% surcharge on loan rates and will require a co-signer.
Rates Effective 9/12/2018


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